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Luminous Studio
Put your understanding to work

Get to know your content better and find new ways to engage your viewers when you use Luminous Studio’s revolutionary Online Video Platform (OVP) to manage your library, stream your video and measure your business results.

Online Video Platform

Be efficient. Be effective.

Luminous Studio uses AI analysis to reveal the data of your video content, giving you flexible tools to manage your video business in all the ways you need to, plus automated assistance to sharpen performance and simplify workflows.

  • Manage Your Growing Content Library

    From longform content to user generated videos, Luminous Studio uses content data to make finding and organizing your videos quick and easy. Need more in your catalog? Access premium licensed video feeds at no additional cost.

  • Engage Audiences

    Luminous Studio is flexible to work with any editorial style. Manually build playlists and embed players on articles pages. Or use the platform’s automation tools to recommend more of the videos that your viewers like, and less of what they don’t.

  • Grow Revenue

    Enhance your advertising solutions with Luminous Studio’s AI-powered content-targeting capabilities and brand-safety filtering. Track content and business performance data to understand trends and future-proof your video strategy.

See the difference. Grow a smarter video business with Luminous Studio today.

See It all

You know your brand, your audience and your business better than anyone. Why stop there? Get to know your video content and avoid blind-spots in your strategy with Luminous Studio.

Unlock your video’s data

Upload any kind of video to the Luminous Platform. Luminous’ core AI technology analyzes its image and audio contents frame by frame, producing hundreds of data points about each asset. Use this content data to instantly organize your video library according to any featured topic, person or keyword. You can also add your own, manual data tags to your videos to further customize how your library is organized.

Manage and curate with ease

Content data makes finding videos within your library a breeze. Embed them into articles on any platform with a click of a button, or access Luminous Studio tools from our WordPress plugin. Curate playlists by manual selection or let Luminous Studio’s automation features save you time by matching videos to your site’s article content and building playlists of related content for you.

Grow your audience and make them happy

Content data supercharges Luminous Studio’s HTML5 video players, which use AnyClip’s premium content delivery network (CDN) to distribute video content anywhere in your digital ecosystem. Host OTT-style viewing experiences on your website with dynamic video hub page templates. Support viewer interests with overlay modules that surface links to read or view more about featured people or brands as they’re seen within player content.

Enhance advertising solutions

Sell your video ad inventory directly or access AnyClip’s demand services to backfill behind or wholly-support your ad sales efforts. Raise the value of your video ad solutions by giving your advertisers flexible content targeting or brand safety filters, powered by your video content data.

Understand your performance

Easily access the information you need to manage a smart video business. Visualize revenue performance to determine the highest-valued opportunities across your site. Track content performance trends to know which videos, content categories, people and brands engage your viewers best.

Get help with no hassle

Have a question? Dedicated support teams are available for Luminous Studio customers 24/7.


AnyClip is able to offer us a deep understanding of not only what appears in our video, but the overall sentiment that it purveys. Having this insight allows for internal learnings from both an editorial and sales perspective, but also empowers us to go to market with an extremely informed video offering that we can increasingly optimise for our audience and that allows clients a huge amount of choice regarding what we offer and what they can advertise against.


We used AnyClip's platform alongside other major video player services on our site for a few weeks and measured performance between these tech platforms to determine which was serving us best. In this study, AnyClip provided more revenue and a better user experience across all measures. As a result, we've decided to use the Luminous Platform as our only video player solution moving forward.


AnyClip allows discovery of related curated video content in ways that surprise our users, encourage longer sessions and drive higher engagement. We have opened up new monetization opportunities for our video and strengthened connections loyal audience.

Advanced tools. Simple pricing.

You’ve got a business to run: growing revenue shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Luminous Studio requires no up-front cost to use: pay only based on what you monetize and share revenues when AnyClip monetizes for you.

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